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A Shomiz Guide to Silver Quality Determination

Silver is a favorite among jewelry fans all around the world due to its brilliant brilliance and classic beauty. But how can you tell a good piece of silver jewelry from a bad one given the abundance of silver jewelry on the market? We take great pleasure in providing the best silver jewelry at Shomiz, and we want our clients to be knowledgeable. Here is a guide to assist you in judging the silver's quality.
Recognize the Various Silver Types

    Based on purity, silver comes in a variety of forms:

    • Fine Silver (99.9% pure): Despite being very pliable, this kind is not frequently utilized in everyday jewelry like anklets and bracelets because of its fragility.
    • A common choice for jewelry, sterling silver (92.5% pure) contains 7.5% of additional metals (often copper) to increase durability. 
    • Coin Silver: Made by melting down silver coins, it is 90% silver.
    • German Silver is completely devoid of silver, despite its deceptive name. It is a nickel, copper, and zinc alloy.


    Search for Hallmarks

      A stamp or hallmark that denotes purity is frequently found on high-quality silver jewelry. Typical traits include:

      ".925" or "925" denotes sterling silver.

      "999" denotes fine silver.

      All of the silver products we sell at Shomiz are properly hallmarked, so you know you're getting what you pay for.


      Using a magnet

        Silver has no magnetic properties. You can tell whether a silver object is fake if it attracts a powerful magnet (such a rare-earth magnet) when you hold it close to it. Although this test is quite accurate, keep in mind that some metals used to make silver alloys may exhibit a little draw.


        Weight Has Meaning

          Good silver has a noticeable weight. A item could not be real if it seems lighter than you would anticipate. An accurate gauge may be obtained by comparing the weight of your Shomiz piece to one of a kind.


          Examine the workmanship

            Superior silver jewelry is made of more than just the metal. The level of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and finish all matter.Each bracelet, necklace, and ring at Shomiz is meticulously crafted by our artists, who transform them into wearable works of art.

            Belief in Your Source

              Purchasing from reputable providers is one of the best methods to guarantee the quality of silver. Because of our stringent quality checks, Shomiz has established a solid reputation in the silver jewelry market. We take pleasure in being your go-to source for fine silver jewelry, providing a variety of earrings, anklets, and other accessories.


              Awareness of Oxidation

                Silver's propensity to tarnish or oxidize when in contact with some elements, notably sulfur, is one of its endearing qualities. Placing a boiled egg in close proximity to your silver object is an intriguing approach to test this. Silver that is genuine tarnishes rather rapidly. While some people would view tarnishing as a defect, we at Shomiz consider it as silver's natural patina, which with time tells its own particular tale.


                The Shomiz Sound Examination

                  The "bell test" is a common phrase for the distinctive sound of premium silver, such as the sort Shomiz sells. Genuine silver has a loud, ringing tone when tapped, as opposed to other metals, which have a subdued, flat tone. The "Shomiz Sound," which is audible when you tap our silver rings, is a sign of the exceptional quality you'll discover here.


                  Authenticity can be smelled

                    No odor should come from pure silver. If the jewelry you own smells strongly of copper or has a strong metallic scent, it may include too many non-silver metals or even be a fake. There is no metallic odor to the silver anklets, bracelets, necklaces, or rings we sell. The Shomiz promise states that every product exudes complete authenticity.


                    Look for aging indicators

                      Real silver matures wonderfully as it does. It develops a patina with time, an oxidized shine that is soft and brilliant. A item could draw attention if it is excessively shiny and doesn't age gracefully. The timeless tradition of silver, however, is reflected in every Shomiz item, which has grown subtly through time.


                      Price as a Signpost

                        Even while everyone enjoys a good deal, a silver piece's pricing that looks unusually cheap could be a warning sign. Silver of high quality usually costs what it is worth. At Shomiz, we achieve a careful balance between price and quality by providing reasonably priced yet exquisite silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry.


                        Expert Advice

                          It's wise to consult experts if you're ever unsure of the authenticity of a silver object. To determine the purity of the silver, they use particular tests and equipment. At Shomiz, we're always here to advise and help, making sure that the item you choose resonates with quality, passion, and true workmanship.


                          You need a keen eye, some fundamental information, and confidence in your jewelry supplier to assess the silver's quality. With the help of this manual, you may confidently select high-quality items that will last a lifetime. When you purchase jewelry from Shomiz, you are making an investment in time-tested quality and workmanship as well as jewels.

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